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Meet The Team

Dr. Kim Chai

Dr. Kim K. Chai, DC

Dr. Kim K. Chai is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. He has additional Certification in Acupuncture, Injectable Nutrients, Mesotherapy, is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner with over 300 hours of orthopedics, and a past Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.

Dr. Chai holds a Doctorate Degree from Logan University in Chesterfield Missouri. He graduated in 1981 and continues to seek knowledge of ways to help patients improve their health.

Dr. Chai a member of the Non-Profit Organization: The Foundation for Wellness Professionals. This organization was set up to educate people on Wellness and Health. He lectures for them on a variety of topics, including Spinal care, Diet, Nutrition, Regenerative Medicine, Pain management without drugs, and a variety of other issues that are important to people.

Dr. Chai is the Clinic Director of Back & Neck Clinic where a variety of conditions are treated. He has been there since its inception, in 2005.

Dr. Chai also heads up Regenerative Solutions of Oklahoma, which specializes in Regenerative Medicine and cutting edge treatments to reverse degenerative conditions. Regenerative Solutions of Oklahoma is a multi disciplinary group involving various branches of the Healing arts. He feels that the future of Medicine and the Healing arts will focus on this method of treatment over drugs and/or surgery.

He currently practices and resides in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Melita Tate, MD

Dr. Melita Tate, MD

Melita Tate, MD, is an internal medicine physician and co-founder of Grassroots Healthcare in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Tate takes a holistic approach to medical care and advocates for nutrition and lifestyle changes before prescribing pharmaceuticals. She would rather help patients improve their overall wellness to relieve symptoms or cure their condition, rather than mask symptoms with medication.

Dr. Tate takes care of patients of all ages, from pediatrics to adults. While Dr. Tate trained to manage any medical condition, she provides specialized treatment for thyroid conditions, diabetes, and mood disorders. She also offers a weight management program, provides expert women’s health care services, and can take care of any urgent medical need.

She doesn’t accept health insurance but offers a membership program and visit-based care. This allows her to keep costs down and spend more time with her patients instead of hassling with the insurance companies.

After getting her undergraduate degree in biology with a chemistry minor at Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri, Dr. Tate attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Oklahoma City. Following her residency, Dr. Tate began her medical career at Springer Urgent Care in Tulsa before opening Grassroots with her colleague and friend, Dr. Kris Lepere.

When she’s not helping improve the health of her patients, Dr. Tate is spending time with her family, including her five kids. And when she can, she enjoys curling up on the couch under a blanket with a good book.

Dr. Larry R. Ward

Dr. Larry R. Ward, DC

Dr. Larry R. Ward is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has additional Certification in Acupuncture, Injectable Nutrients, Parenteral Nutrition & Trigger Point Therapy. In addition to his vast experiences in treating disorders, he is known for his public lectures in multiple states on a wide variety of subjects. He has been a CE (Continuing Education) Instructor to Doctors, with additional years of teaching subjects on a college level, such as Physiology, Human Anatomy, and Nutrition. He has been a frequent guest speaker on multiple radio shows such as KLBJ and KJCE in Austin.

Dr. Ward holds a Doctorate Degree from Parker University in Dallas, with ongoing learning in internal medicine as part of the Diplomate Program of the American Chiropractic Association. He has completed well over 300 hours in this program, enabling him to qualify for the prestigious Certificate of Family Practice.

Dr. Ward treats a wide variety of issues, structural as well as integrative support for such issues as thyroid function, autoimmune disorders, food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, and chronic disease management. His Certification for Parenteral Nutrition allows for intravenous therapies as well, enabling him to support a broad variety of nutritional deficits. His ongoing mentorship of several hundred hours with famed Oriental Doctor (DOM) Gary Axley, has allowed for further experiences with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines, as well.

He currently practices, teaches, and resides in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Dr. Jeremiah Chai

Dr. Jeremiah Chai, DC

Dr. Jeremiah K. Chai is a Board Certified Chiropractor in Oklahoma. He completed Full Body certification in Active Release Techniques, including Long Tract Nerve Entrapment,from 2013 to 2017.

Dr. Chai holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biophysics from Brigham Young University. He graduated in 2010 and has continued his lifelong interest in science and the pursuit of wisdom. His main interests are natural biomechanics and evolutionary human psychobiology.

Dr. Chai holds a Doctorate Degree from Parker University in Dallas, TX. He graduated in 2014 after completing his clinical internship in Mexico, at the public clinic of the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec. He is fluent in spanish and has a decades long love of spanish culture and people.

Dr. Chai is a partner at Back & Neck Clinic since 2014, where their mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve their optimal health and wellness.

He currently practices and resides in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

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