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Knee Pain

Is your knee pain caused by one of the following conditions?

  • Joint pain
  • Runner’s knee
  • Water on the knee
  • Torn meniscus
  • MCL tear
  • Knee tendonitis

If you have chronic knee discomfort due to a degenerative condition or an old injury, or you’ve recently damaged your knee cartilage or ligaments, you may benefit from our regenerative medicine knee pain treatment in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Knee Pain Relief Sapulpa, OK

Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain symptoms vary depending on the severity of the injury, degenerative damage, and your age. Your knee issues may be due to injury, inflammation, or infection, and you may notice swelling, tenderness, and bruising. Chronic knee discomfort can lead to fever, skin redness, and more severe pain.

Regardless of your symptoms, regenerative medicine offers all-natural pain relief to help you avoid knee replacement surgery and a lifetime of managing prescription pain medication.

One of your regenerative medicine options is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Plasma-rich plasma is made from your blood during an in-office procedure to concentrate your growth factor-rich platelets into a healing serum that promotes healing and repair and increases blood flow to your knees.

You may also benefit from our chiropractic services, which include K-Laser therapy. These services help to improve your range of motion as well as reduce inflammation in sore knees. Patients come to us for both advanced and traditional therapies because we understand that you want to go the non-surgical route to solve your knee problems.

Treatment Containing Stem Cell for Knees

You can also choose regenerative medicine treatments containing stem cells. Stem cells are bioactive components in your body with the ability to develop into cartilage, muscle, tendon, and other tissues. At our clinic, our doctor uses treatments containing Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells and other growth factors to treat severe knee pain.

When we inject this formula into a knee joint, the young, potent stem cells kick-start your body’s natural healing processes. Growth factors supply therapeutic proteins to lubricate sore knees as well as regenerate damaged knee cartilage and ligaments.

Treatment Containing Stem Cell for Knees Tulsa, OK

Knee Pain Causes

There are many causes of knee pain. Injuries to the ACL, meniscus tear, knee bursitis, tendonitis, bone degeneration, cartilage tearing, dislocated kneecaps, hip or foot pain, arthritis, and trauma all cause sore knees.

Your knee is a weight-bearing joint. It makes good sense not to ignore knee joint pain. You no longer have to live with deteriorating joints because regenerative medicine provides a proactive approach to reversing the progression of degenerative problems.

Typical surgical options for painful knee injuries range from small surgeries to complete knee replacements. Knee replacement surgery is traumatic, and it has the risk of toxic, artificial particles entering the bloodstream. There is no guarantee of a 100% success rate, but there will be severe pain and discomfort as you recover. Months of rehab is required to regain the strength and mobility following surgery as well.

Before you consider knee replacement surgery, speak to our medical team about your knee pain in Tulsa, Sapulpa, or nearby cities in Oklahoma. We work with you to develop a non-invasive treatment protocol that targets the root cause of your chronic knee pain. Call us today at (918) 224-0546 to find out if you are a good candidate for treatments containing growth factors and mesenchymal cells or platelet-rich plasma injections.

We give patients a better overall lifestyle rather than treating one condition at a time so they can live happier, healthier lives. Call us for a complimentary consultation.
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